iPhone 7 Dual-Lens Camera and iPad Air 3 Design Changes

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We recap the latest Apple rumors, and discuss how the company’s portfolio is shaping up against the competition.

Read more about the iPhone 7 and iPad Air 3: http://bit.ly/1QYWMsm

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46 Comments on iPhone 7 Dual-Lens Camera and iPad Air 3 Design Changes

  1. Hopefully, the Iphone 7 will look like the picture depicted here, it's beautiful. In my opinion, the current design is mediocre, which is why I still have my ancient Iphone 4S. I'm holding out until the Iphone 7 arrives. If I don't like it, then Galaxy 7, here I come.

  2. Hey John, just wanted to ask something. How exactly is wireless charging useful when the charging pad itself is tethered to a wire? Moreover most wireless chargers are quite slow. I am not against new tech but I feel Fast Charging rather than Wireless Charging is a better alternative today until wireless charging develops more.

  3. I don't mean to sound disrespectful or anything but this is probably the worst TB video I've ever watched. It seems like Jon is trying to put us to sleep a-la a sleep aid/hypnosis tape.

  4. I was wondering if they might replace the iPad Air line with a new tablet (probably just called "iPad" again) that was essentially an iPad Pro Mini (or Mini Pro), with a 10.45" display with the resolution of the Pro & the PPI of the Mini, but apparently not…

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