IPhone 7 Concept Leaks and Rumors

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The IPhone 5 and 5s were really popular at the time, then people got tired of it. So Apple made the IPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The world went crazy for them. Now we are ecstatic to introduce the new Samsung Galaxy… I mean IPhone 6s. This is the official advertisement of the new release. It has low light capabilities which means you can shoot in the dark and super super slow motion. We also made it bigger, like a galaxy, even though we made it first.
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21 Comments on IPhone 7 Concept Leaks and Rumors

  1. I am so offended even tho this was a joke litterly this isn't funny cause I can't even afford a Iphone litterly if you make another video that when I hear about that when if I click on that video and hear something about my Samsung that offends me I will be unsubscribeing

  2. Samsung is better because you can have it for so long…I have a samsung for 3 years and it fell on the floor so many times and nothing happened, it didn't crack or something…I mean I used to have an Iphone and I had it for 1 year and it stopped working for no reason! I download on it only 2 apps and then I tried to download a 3rd app and it said that I have no space…what the hell!?

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