iPhone 7 and 7 Plus design and features revealed in blueprints (Apple Byte)

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OnLeaks reveals the latest iPhone 7 schematics that squash the notion of an iPhone 7 Pro. Plus, 2017 might be worth waiting for the 10th Anniversary iPhone.

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28 Comments on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus design and features revealed in blueprints (Apple Byte)

  1. …and I still cant swap out a dead battery for a fully charged one, or beef up the storage with a 128Gb micro sd card. Is it that difficult, Apple? Guess I'll be sticking with Android phones. ( my desktop computer is an iMac)

  2. Sorry Apple, unless there is a big change (smaller bezels, better battery, less slippery surface, non sticking out camera lens, updated iOS – it has been looking the same since the phone first came out, wireless charging, unlocked NFC) there is no reason to change.
    And I remember when Siri came out, it was predicted to be a Messiah in the phone world, but, honestly, how many are using Siri today? I have only tried it once and deactivated the function directly. So, pls, don't waste your time on the development. Speaking to a machine is stupid. And makes you look stupid.

  3. The most annoying thing of all is the S7 Edge. I got it but sent it back, suppose the iPhone 7 release just makes me think maybe Apple will produce something amazing.
    I'm starting to fear this is not true & the fact everyone is talking about iPhone 8 being great before iPhone 7 is released makes me worry. I'll be honest I prefer iOS. However, fast charge, wireless fast charge, awesome accessories, beautiful screen & jaw dropping designs make me question my my preference. I will not be short changed by Apple again & to ensure I'm not tempted back I'll join Samsung upgrade programme if they don't offer at least the fast & wireless charging options. As far as head phone jack, I'm not concerned. I have Bluetooth, but apart from on a plane or in the gym I don't use them.
    Finally, Apple will produce a humongous thing that is too large to handle. That's fine, but if they equip that with all the good stuff & leave the regular I'll say goodbye.

  4. Technology's ability to WOW is almost completely over. Deal with it. Everything now feels inevitable. Features are not "wow". So stop whinging about the past. FaceTime was the last "wow" in technology. Until phones can beam us to other worlds, nothing will be that "wow" again–and by then we'll know it's coming for months and there will be only a momentary "cool" anyway. WE are changing. We're consuming stimulation so fast NOTHING can wow us anymore.

  5. When Apple makes a huge deal out of everything… OLED's, edge-to-edge display, ultrasonic fingerprint sensors. I mean, their phone's are nice, but They don't innovate in the way Jobs did.

  6. I dunno why every year we all have to fuss about the newest Iphone or andriod or whatever. Its going to be slightly bigger, Probably thinner, and a few features small features and wont have proper spec upgrades worth the upgrade if you have the 1 model down before it.

  7. Apple and Applefanboys get this. when a company talks more about the specs and the design, than what the device can be used for, its time to face the fact that no new inovation is being spawned from the company.
    Now its only , look more Mpix. look new headphone jack so you have to buy new "from us"
    I admit, apple had some fantastic products. but lately the best product is a downsized Iphone 6

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