iPhone 7, 7 Pro & SE – Leaks & Rumors Part 11

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New iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro & iPhone SE Leaks & Rumors + Patents & New Features To Expect. Rumor Roundup 11.

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  1. Let's be belatedly honest right here apple are getting way 2 lazy for my liking. Its become so over hyped/ over priced /predictable from the design that's become weak & the leaked pictures. Which has become annual affair joke, it's not even funny anymore. It's just a complete mess from the top down. As a designer I use 2 admire Apple work ethic especially when Steve Jobs was around. I would get so excited about Apple's next B!G move, but no more…Nothing is special about the 'Apple' brand anymore. It's just a real bad apple. Which I refuse to buy into right now. Wake up apple!!!!.

  2. I have been watching all the episodes in your channel in regards to iphone 7 leaks and one thing that has i have been wondering is will apple be designing a new headphone and do you have any idea how it will look at how the fit will be ?

  3. For me the iPhone 7 upgrade will be like the iPhone 5 upgrade was to the iPhone 4, i.e. not massive. Just a slimmed down version. We'll have to wait until iPhone 8 until there is a significant change in the iPhone design.

  4. its not very unlikely for the iphone 7 to not have a home button simply because there are other rumors that says apple is testing out a new technology that allows them to put a finger print scanner on the screen, this rumor matches with it.

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