iPhone 7 & 7 Pro – Leaks & Rumors 12

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iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Pro New Rumors, Patents, Leaks & Cool Features To Expect. Rumor Roundup 12.

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  1. Dude I watch all your videos all the time. Your one of my favorite bloggers because you have the most accurate information. I enjoy your videos. I'm getting ready to start college in the fall. And I really need a iPad Pro or a Mac. I see you have a lot of them. I can't really afford it right now. I would really appreciate if you gave me one!

  2. Ok, I consider myself an Apple fanboy, but… what am I gonna do with a phone with no headphone's jack?? I just got the 6s plus, so i have at least 2 more years of phone life, but then what? I'm going to switch to Galaxy if there's no jack really…

  3. Hey eap.. Do you feel like there is a chance they will ditch the number after iPhone? Here is why I suggest that… They released the iPhone se. They released the iPad Pro… In two sizes… Now they are shifting towards selling the iPhone and iPhone pro… Basically moving towards a ''MACBOOK'' type way of naming the device by year. I feel like Samsung had a strategy to make their s7 a larger number therefore making apple look like a less mature device compared to Apple. I believe Apple witless ditch the numbers all together… This supports the idea that Apple will radically change the 2017 iPhone and iPhone pro.. What do you think? Just a guess.

  4. 7:46 the zoomed i photo doesnt show the alleged use of photoshop properly as the visible pixels are getting in the way but without zooming in considering whoever is watching is not extremely short sighted

  5. IPhone 7 is going to be a flop from the rumors it's shaped and design is not going to change and will be the same as the ugly 6. It won't even be waterproof from what I've heard apart from removing the antenna bands thats about it. Nobody will bother buying it and we should wait for next year's OLED iPhone with a glass design which will be a breath of fresh air for the iPhone. 

  6. It's crazy and absurd that here in Australia, the iphone cost ranges from $900 to $1400 for the highest storage capacity. The current Galaxy S7 pricing is also ridiculous retailing at $1200+….

  7. O I fucking hope not, that sim is called a csn and I work for att and they are such a pain in the ass. Not to mention they are 32 numbers and letters long compared to 20 numbers only for ur average sim.

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