iPhone 7 & 7 Plus – New Features & Rumors Part 2!

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iPhone 7, 7 Plus & 6C Rumors & Leaks Keep Coming! Features & Changes To Expect + New Rumor Roundup!

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  1. I have to upgrade my phone every two years because Of my contract (I have an iPhone 6 atm) and I'm definitely getting the 6S if they remove the headphone jack, I mean yeah I can get Bluetooth headphones or whatever but literally everyone at my bus stop (about 60 people) all use the apple headphones for music, what's the point of getting rid of something so many people use!?

  2. I just about had it with Apple iPhone. Every single time there's a upgrade it mess up my iPhone, especially the last IOS 9.2.1 upgrade. Maybe, I said maybe it's their way to customers to buy new iPhones yearly.

  3. Question: Let's say this rumor is true. An iPhone comes with, earbuds, and a charger. So if the iPhone 7 has no headphone port would we be provided with bluetooth/wireless earbuds?

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