iPhone 7 & 7 Plus – New Design Rumors & Camera

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iPhone 7 + 7 Plus Rumors for the Design & Camera! Changes to the Antenna Bands, Plus Dual Lens Design for the iPhone 7 Plus and more?

Watch ‘iPhone 7 Dual Camera’ first – HERE: https://youtu.be/m-GGasMoAsg?list=PLT0Hj8-B-w6OOuJQNaExW1LInm5bdgrBP

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39 Comments on iPhone 7 & 7 Plus – New Design Rumors & Camera

  1. I like the sizes I think it's enough of an option for a majority of the client base however I like the square cut design of the iPhone 5. So is it enough? I think we're beginning to plateau with some of our technology and sticking with some things we like. I don't believe there has to be that much different as far as looks go the only MAJOR reason to upgrade your phone is so the hardware can keep up with the software

  2. I'm actually happy with my iPhone's design… I ALWAYS have an Otter Box on mine. So I wouldn't mind if they make that backing change, seeing that all I see is my speaker, home button, camera and Apple logo on the back. Camera changes won't make a difference to me. I'm content with my 6s Plus seeing that I have big hands. And also the only burden to me is when they make a new design I have to drop a solid $70 on a new Otter Box. I'm always excited for a new iPhone and what Apple has in store for us. Keep up the great videos!

  3. If they keep similar design i am not excited, even tho i liked iphone 5 design, i don't want it coming back, I want a new design, a breathe of fresh air, if not i guess it'll be 2 more years until i consider coming back to ios.

  4. guys, does anyone know some hack how to enable facetime n imessage on iphone which was made for Middle East where it (as claimed) banned but apparently those functions work only there but nowhere else in the world?

  5. I m bit upset that for people that may not want the larger screen are going to miss out on some features, which is what u comment about in previous video in u should only need to decide in screen size

    What about the rumour on remove the head phone jack to make it thinner is that out the window

  6. I am really curious to see how the dual camera lay-out would really look like, I like the idea of it, and the antenna lines wasn't an issue for me from the start, I actually like the look, most of all, I put cases on my phone, so you know what that means, the lines really aren't a bother to me… I wish they'd make the iPhone 7+ screen a couple inch more larger tho, just a thought.

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