iPhone 7 & 6C – New Leaks & Rumors Part 5!

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iPhone 7, 7 Plus & 6C Latest Leaks & Rumors Part 5. Many Exciting New Features & Patents!

Speaker Patent: http://goo.gl/lwIqux
Dual Camera Patent: http://goo.gl/XT3lVj

37 Comments on iPhone 7 & 6C – New Leaks & Rumors Part 5!

  1. I'll be okay with the removal of the headphone jack as long as Apple includes bluetooth ear buds WITH the wire attaching the two. Lew made a video about a pair of earbuds without the wire and they were really bad. The bluetooth capability was cut short, they're not loud, and the overall sound quality wasn't great. I'm not sure what Apple can do to make fully wireless earbuds actually work like wired ones. I personally love wired earbuds…anyone else?

  2. Hopeful iPhone 7/7 Plus features:

    – iPhone 7: 2600mAh battery life, iPhone 7 Plus: 3100mAh.
    – iPhone 7: 4.4 inch screen, iPhone 7 Plus: 5.1 inch screen.
    – iPhone 7: 6.5mm thickness, iPhone 7 Plus: 6.7mm thickness (Custom Wireless Apple Headphones).
    – iPhone 7 & 7 Plus have Solar Charging option (charged by the Sun).
    – iPhone 7 & 7 Plus have 8 colour options: Space Gray, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Space Blue, Medium Orange, Red.
    – iPhone 7 & 7 Plus contain quad-core processors.
    – iPhone 7 & 7 Plus both contain the A8X Chip.
    – iPhone 7 & 7 Plus have 4K resolution.
    – iPhone 7 & 7 Plus have completely instant finger-print scan reaction.

  3. i need to fucking use my bose earphones!! apple's one are shitty compare to them! and i cant use them in new phone? wtf? are they forcing us to like apple earpods? just give me 3.5mm jack and i'll be happy

  4. Im seriously starting to consider switching to android with all of apples new shitty ideas…Like seriously, no headphone jack?? What would be the point of that? And how thin do you wanna make the phone?? Its completely pointless to keep making your phones thinner. Soon phones will get thin as paper, and for what?? The iphone 5/5s in my opinion was the best looking iphone they made, not to big or thin. Im glad to hear that they are making a smaller version of the iphone 6 but the iphone 7 im not really looking forward to..

  5. If apple does in fact decide to remove the head-jack then the will be more than willing to make a adapter and slap a $100 price tag along with it, so if they do in fact make the 7 with out the headphone jack there wouldn't be much of a waste.

  6. Just one more thing to charge… That's Apple, fixing a problem we didn't have just to save a little bit of space. Everyone has the option of buying bluetooth headphones if they want. They're great for working out and other things but they're not good at listening for long periods of time (battery) and the best sound quality. I know that a lot of people are fine with the headphones Apple gives you but for those that have invested in other headphones Apple's 'fix' created more problems. Why should I have an ($45ish probably) adapter sticking out of my portable device just to replace something that didn't take up much room anyway? First the new Macbook and now the iPhone. The need for adapters to do basic tasks is a sign of bad design not portability. Apple's thinness fetish is getting in the way of basic usability.

    Also the fact that this move is happening right after Apple bought Beats pisses me off. Just feels like a way to force customers to upgrade which is not beyond Apple by any means.

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