iPhone 7 & 6C – New Features & Rumors Part 4!

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iPhone 7 & 6C New Features & Latest Details. Rumor Roundup & Leaks Collection Part 4!

6C Renders: http://9to5mac.com/2016/01/03/iphone-6c-mockup/#jp-carousel-
Thumbnail Art: http://3dfuture.net/apple-iphone-6c-concept-renders-2015/

31 Comments on iPhone 7 & 6C – New Features & Rumors Part 4!

  1. I don't get it…if your not buying the 16gb version then why complain?? Apparently they sell if apple still makes them. Until people are worth 1/4 of apples worth plz stop giving financial or product advice to the wealthiest company on earth

  2. My jaw almost dropped when he first said 256GB! I can't believe Apple is already looking to cancel out the 16GB model!
    I mean, it's understandable due to the evolution of technology and software which partially means bigger storage but…


  3. I love you send me an iPhone please I am ur#1 fan I only have a trac phone from family dollar please send me one idc if it's just an iPhone 4 i get picked on at school. All the time because of my phone can u please help me ..p.s-I woulda gave u more $$$ but I only have 3$ and my mom. Don't work because she's disabled she can't walk and I have 5 sister and I'm the only..-thanks for reading and godbless

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