iPhone 7

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At SET Solution we are open minded, creatives and we look always to the future! And of course we’re also a little bit crazy!
The iPhone 6 is not launched yet and we have already design a iPhone 7 concept!
Well we must say that “iPhone 7” is only the title… in this video we show how it should be the smartphone of our dreams!
Watch this video and let us know what features should have the smartphones (and of course the iPhone) in the next future!

A word to the skeptics: we know that at this time is impossible make a phone like this, but we are sure that in the next years we could have something like our concept!
So stop bitching about “the battery duration”… don’t stay stuck in the past and try to believe in technological progress!

We hope you enjoyed the video and our CG concept of iPhone 7!
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38 Comments on iPhone 7

  1. айфон не когда квадратным не станет если станет разрабы придурки он как сони икспирия будет

  2. If iphone 7 really comes out like this, i would definitely not buying this. This is the weirdest phone that i have ever seen. Am I the one who thinks this phone looks like android?

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