iPhone 6s vs Samsung S6 Edge Drop Test!

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iPhone 6s vs Samsung S6 Edge Drop Test! (Shatter/Destruction/Break/Drop Test)
We’ve done a water test and many more in Sydney!
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32 Comments on iPhone 6s vs Samsung S6 Edge Drop Test!

  1. The 6S plus was my first iPhone I came from the galaxy S1-S6 edge plus and drop them and never cracked the screen but I've gone through 2 6 S pluses and I only dropped the 6s pluses twice once from my bed and once from a outdoor chair and just one droped shattered them both why are the screens so fragile and the androids never broke id drop them all the time and insurance replacement was free not 100$ like iPhone

  2. The only reason the iPhone 6s broke more is because he dropped face first and he didn't with the Samsung. If he dropped both face down I bet the Samsung would be in worse shape.

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