iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Speed Test

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iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Speed Test
Hey Guys in this video I will be doing a speed test comparison between the iPhone 6s and the Samsung Galaxy S6. The iPhone 6s was released with Apple’s own A9 processor chip as well as 2gb of ram. On the other hand, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 features their own Octocore processor with 3gb’s of Ram. Which phone will perform faster in this epic speed test. We’ll just have to find out! Thanks so much for watching and make sure to SUBSCRIBE (like.. why wouldn’t you??),LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT!

50 Comments on iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Speed Test

  1. The only reason why the Iphone is winning is because they are two different phones. They have different OS and the IOS is made only for iphones, wheres the android has to fit different phones too not just the galaxy s6. Either way is like comparing a car to a motor bike.

  2. Does anybody notice the chip for the iPhone is made just for iPhones.And on Android phones there made to be used by any one.So the iPhone would be faster,but since it is almost the same that proves how good the s6 chip is.?

  3. iTalkTech your a fucking dumbass your making iPhone s6 win almost the whole fucking time the galaxy s6 in better. When you opened some apps you did clean recent apps on iPhone but not on the galaxy s6. Also you where clearly pressing the  iPhone apps first. When you opened youtube on both devices the galaxy s6 won you stupid fat piece of shit. Your just blind. The galaxy s6 should of won the speed test fucking dumbass. All I'm saying is for you is to redo the speed test because in every video I see on YouTube the Samsung Galaxy s6 wins all the fucking time.

  4. this guy is faking all this i have a iphone 6s and a Samsung and all the iphone dose is dim the screen on the phone when turning off and i play this in slow mo and he is faking most of this i love iphone and Samsung he is just faking

  5. You probably should have shown how pathetic the S6's memory management is compared to the iPhone. The S6 can't even have 3 apps open in the background without reloading. Pretty sad for a phone with 3GB of RAM.

  6. make it fair and utilize the multicore of the gs6 and keep all apps open if u want to keep things fair unless u really ait there close every app like that when your done with it lol

  7. Well, that's all cool, you may suggest that galaxy won this test. But, it is shame for this iPhone-galaxy battle that there's no relevant way to test the phones after 4-5 months of usage, where you use a lots of apps on daily bases and have a lots of media stored in phone. I know that all this android shit might work the same or slightly better than iPhone, altho android always have more resources on paper (more ram, more cores on higher frequencies,…), with the brand new software. What we all know and android users are afraid to confess is that after some time of usage, that same iPhone with less resources will eat any (even generation after) android for breakfast. So, bitches please, Galaxy phones are good phones, but iPhone…. iPhone is THE phone!

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