iPhone 6S VS Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Full Comparison!

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How Does iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Compare? Camera, Speed Test, Battery & Features Review. Which Is Better? Which Should You Buy?

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  1. The fingerprint scanner test in this video doesnt exactly prove that the iphone's faster. By the time the icons on the 6s are zoomed out and ready to be functional after unlocking its about exactly the same as the s6 edge. The s6 seems slower because it doesnt have that zoom effect after unlocking.

  2. As for the stupid 'Live photo' gimmick that apple is pulling(which is basically just a gif), The s6 has a GIF option as well. on the same note, any android phone can simply run a GIF camera app or plug-in.
    Apple just went and named it 'Live Photo' for all the idiots out there who think it's a unique feature.

  3. iPhone of course, at least it doesn't have APPS CRASHING AND LAG LIKE MY S6 EDGE DOES. Every Samsung phone that i, or my friends had always lagged like hell. I'm done with Samsung. The only good thing about the S6 Edge is the camera

  4. i have an iphone 5s on contract that finishes in august 2016 (this year) when i started the contract i had a samsung galaxy s4 mini the iphone is complete dog shite my s4 mini was so much better wish i never sold it

  5. Coming from someone who actually had both the iPhone 6s and S6 edge, I'll say go for the S6 Edge. I had the Iphone for 2 months and then u had to switch over to the S6, at first I was kinda upset but once I got to know and use the Samsung. I have a new love for it. The Samsung is farther ahead in wearable technology (if your into that stuff) Sure an IPhone is an IPhone and who wouldnt want an IPhone? (Right?) But if you want to stand out more and show off the awesome edge feature to everyone who dosent have it, like IPhone users, GET THE S6 EDGE!!!!.
    The Edge plus has cooler features for the camera and its bigger and you know ehat yhey say, Bigger is Better. Bit in my opinion get the Plus, the battery last a lot longer on it. My brother has the plus and i have the regular s6 edge and his battery survives alot longer. Or you could just put it on loe battery mide and it'll be just the same. WARNING WARNING Because Of the Edge Screen You Can't Get A Full Case To Cover The Front And Back Of the Phone, It Will Only Cover the Back. In My Opinion Get The Screen Protector With It. The Display on bothphones are great but the Samsung has a slighter "Edge" (get it???) But if you have questions Please ask me, I promise I'll answer them truthfully.

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