iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – 15 Reasons To Switch To iPhone 6S

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iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Should You Switch To iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or Android Overall? 15 Reasons Why You Should Buy iPhone 6S.

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  1. Android is like Microsoft Windows. Crashes and viruses. Why you think people pay a lot of money for Macbooks? Because they are way more stable and secure. I don't care about customization and all that shit. Apple is quality. I've used both apple and Android for years. Apple is a far superior machine. A lot of haters prolly just can't afford them. Putz's

  2. I ditched my S6 for the iPhone 6S plus today. Samsung lost much of what made it so good. I really got bored using the S6 and Samsung had the edge on expandable memory and replaceable battery, and then they got rid of that so I wasn't sure why I was using them any more. Android are good for multi-tasking with the split screen browsing but iPhone is just nicer to use. Not that I am an expert.

  3. How do you think the LG Optimus Pro or the newer model of it, the V10 (not sure) compares to the Apple s6? I like the larger screen for several reasons. Is the new LG as good, or is the iPhone camera better?

  4. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy s4 and if you have the "air view" gesture on, you pretty much can do what the iphone 6s does with 3D touch. Ex: press down on pictures to make bigger but not open completely. Works on IG too.

  5. lol yeah iphone 6s its better thats why at under 10 deegrees when it gets cold the phone randomly start closing when using it :)) me dad bought it yesterday and it have same problem and im samsung galaxy s6 user and that galaxy s6 edge u used in vide its fake . samsung galaxy s6 its better. and the iphone its not fake i checked and its not

  6. Eh same arguments over and over.. Make a video about switching to android, and you can make the same arguments.. Like when you say old android device get outdated.. The same happen to Iphones, if you have an Iphone 5 or 5s, ur phone is already outdated..

  7. I know 6s is a very good device ,
    I am not accepting your lame 15 reasons for 6s over s6 .
    S6 has its own 15+ reasons for considering over 6s .
    Apple != Samsung . They have their unique features .

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