iPhone 6s VS Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Speed & Camera Test!

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Apps, Multitasking, Gaming and Camera performance between New iPhone 6s and Galaxy Note 5!

The Note 5 is available on Amazon: US – http://amzn.to/1hUJ2Qs —— UK- http://goo.gl/7cnUX1

27 Comments on iPhone 6s VS Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Speed & Camera Test!

  1. Yeah The note 5 still runs glitchy with touchwiz. It Has a nice display but I'd rather have a more reliable smooth phone that's gonna work every time I go to use it and not freeze up me. I trusted the sales guy at Verizon and he let me down luckily I was still within my 10 days of buying the note 5. I took it back and got the iPhone 6s so much better.

  2. Remember that loading a lower resolution game is faster than loading a higher resolution game. Also if one is loading 10 things and the other is loading 5 things, which one do you think is faster? Load times do not matter if they are loading different things. The same game on different platforms means the developer translated the game and they can make many decisions to match the programming to the differences such as operating system, processor, memory space, graphics chip and screen resolution. Load times mean nothing, try to compare game play. When you want to improve game experience so that frame rate is fast in higher resolutions then you would sacrifice loading speed by loading more things into memory before the game starts. I wouldn't make a conclusion here that one is faster than the other.

  3. You forgot to touch on the Image stabilisation in iPhone 6s. Or any iPhone for that matter. It is beautiful and the Note 5 seems to be humiliated in that sector, however the Note 5 does destroy the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus when it comes to the Camera (iPhone Fanboy here)

  4. The iPhone is much faster when it comes to loading apps it only seems slower because it uses animations when going into apps. But they both are amazing phones and if I were to get either one I would be happy… I'm actually using the iPhone 6s lol.

  5. There really isn't anything noticeable difference between most newer phones now. Ok put 2 together you can see difference in speed etc, but how many will notice the split second longer one phone takes. As with camera the Samsung has 16mp camera vs the 12mp of iPhone so Samsung should win, but there is hardly any difference. Same as the iPhone 6s should easily beat other iPhone cameras but honestly there is hardly any difference. From 3 to 5mp the quality is near enough as good as the higher mp cameras. Ok zoom in a lot the higher mp ones would likely be more clearer, but for most people there isn't a major difference.
    I think phones now do all they can there isn't any big improvements that can be added.

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