iPhone 6S vs. Nokia 3310 – Speed Test!

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This speed comparison is between one of the most popular phones in the present day and one of the most popular phones of the past. The devices are Apple iPhone 6S and Nokia 3310. Although quite unlikely to be compared, let’s see how these two perform.

The reason for this comparison is that the improved speed of the iPhone 6S over its predecessor. So we thought that it might stand a chance of winning against the speedy 3310 from Nokia. Obviously with lesser features than iPhone 6s, the Nokia 3310 was popular in the past as a phone with a good speed.

In the startup, the Nokia 3310 started up first but the iPhone 6S impressively caught up in a few seconds. As you might have seen in my previous videos such as iPhone 6 vs. Nokia 3310 – Which Is Faster?, the predecessors of iPhone 6S usually struggled in startup with the Nokia 3310. It’s clearly visible that Apple has done some improvements in startup speed. After startup I thought of reminding you all about everyone’s favorite…

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  1. Adrianisen take care of these old nokias bro your kids are going to keep them then give them to their kids too and your kids kids going to give to their kids also and by that time it will be about 2350 people of the future gonna put these rear nokias in museums

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