iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 Full Comparison

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In this video we will do a full comparison between the iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S. If you are looking to upgrade from an iPhone 6S, this is the video to watch.

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39 Comments on iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 Full Comparison

  1. Totally asking for the 6S, still hesitating between rose gold and silver. Became an apple lover since i've received the MBP 13" for christmas ! You're review helps a lot !

  2. When the 7 comes out then the 6s will be boring then 7s and the 7 will be boring the the 8 and now look u have a trend of new phones I like apple but I only upgrade til the phone can't download apps

  3. iPhone 6s is better! 3D Touch makes a huge difference as far as quick-convience goes! Live Photos is on some next-level shit! A9 chip processor is faster than iPhone 6, plus it has 2GB of ram. Which means it has a gig more of ram to process data faster! It's a better phone period!

  4. Peek and Pop.. Live Photos.. Selfie stick.. considering how hard my 83 year old mum hammers on the screen it would be 'pop pop pop'
    The day selfies drop dead.. Humanity will be saved from peeking and popping, and we may start using the devices to their true potential again. like content creation in imovie, garage band, keynote, pages.. but for now. its "Look at me shake my booty on instagram".. "peek and pop my live photo"
    talk about Apple Going 'Gimmicks'
    Apple has really focused on the Narcissistic Selfie making Social network consumer shopper now, and has forgotten graphic editors, authors, musicians, and movie editors

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