iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6 – Comparison!

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iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6 (and Plus) review coming soon – Should you upgrade? Apple’s iPhone 6s is here, but the iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6s & Plus model speed tests are tough comparisons. iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6 comparison video features review. Is the upgrade worth it? ▶dbrand skins: http://mcmx.in/1PICYWO

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25 Comments on iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6 – Comparison!

  1. Could you help me? I'm gonna buy my first iphone this october. I will be able to afford the 6s but idk if it's worth the money or 6 is better choice. My friends r using 5s, 5 and even 4s and they are still smooth after a couple of years beeing used. I want to use my phone for three to four years. So the question is: 6 or 6s for the begginer with iOS on phones?

  2. Honestly, there's NO difference. I just got my 6s & so far, the only difference I truly noticed is the speed & the camera. I don't even use 3D Touch so I can't really say it makes that much of a difference??

  3. After 3d touch, next year we will have clowns nose feature.. all this consumer crap.. live photos.. selfie nation.. maybe the iphone 7 will remove all content creation apps and just make it a total selfie machine. I used to use my iphone to make music and movies on.. but now its just an instagram and get notifications from social networks and pay for consumer shit machine.. the world has gone 'narcissus'
    its all designed for people who want to have an album of their own lives, and share it with their friends
    Apple used to be a professional device manufacturer for graphic artists, musicians and movie editors, and writers
    Now its for people shaking their booty on instagram and vine

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