iPhone 6S VS iPhone 5S: Speed Test | AppleNaYouTube

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Kup iPhone’a 5S:

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W dzisiejszym filmie…

19 Comments on iPhone 6S VS iPhone 5S: Speed Test | AppleNaYouTube

  1. How much time Iphone 5s battery lasts on a moderate usage: ( 1 hr call, Whatsapp, listening music for 3 hrs, moderate internet surfing and taking some pictures) it is for my day to day usage. I leave my home at 8AM and return to home again 7 PM… should i consider buying 5s? Or should i got to Lenovo Vibe P1 or Lenovo K4 note? Music Quality should be good. Please help me. What should i buy? I dont play games in Mobiles. More or less, i use mobile as a mobile rather than for other stuff..

  2. mateuszu mampytanie moj tata chce kupic iphone 5s ale martwimy sie o baterie ktora podobno trzyma pol dnia czy to prawda sam mam iphone 6 i bateria trzyma dlugo. jak to wyglada z 5s PS.moj tata duzo korzysta

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