iPhone 6S vs. Galaxy S7 Drop Test!

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We drop test the Apple iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7 to see which phone is more durable using a professional drop test machine.

Watch the HTC 10 Drop Test: https://youtu.be/tS3NLCPK4NI

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38 Comments on iPhone 6S vs. Galaxy S7 Drop Test!

  1. Internal LCD of iphones much more durable and shock resistant, I seen people dropped their galaxy with amoled screen and display just went black without any crack on the glass, even if you have a case on galaxy, from shock it may go black, it may happen with iphone but very rare

  2. That's crazy, I have the Samsung S6 Edge and I've dropped it so many times (one time being down a flight of stairs) and other then a few scratches on the back and sides it's completely fine. I even dropped it in the water once and nothing happened to it. :)

  3. What exactly is the advantage of a "professional" drop machine? It doesn't look consistent. if you change the angle of the phone a little it will influence how it bounces from the drop — notice the S7 on the back drop bounced around a ton while the iPhone 6S just stayed flat.

    The Drop machine's holder doesn't look like it has a way to consistently set the angle you lay the phone in.

  4. Just get a soft case. I have dropped my Note 5 straight face down on hard pavement with nothing but a soft rubber case on. No screen protector. Survived without a scratch.

  5. I used to think samsung phones were tanks….

    older versions would have back covers you can remove…

    and the front screen busted up? I'm out samsung! older phones were so much better

  6. This is an ABSURD test, no one will EVER drop a phone perfectly flat.. ALSO, phones are designed to spread the energy flexing and vibrating with the impact.. flat hits can't spread peak force of the impact over time..

    I can't trust a simple youtuber who doesn't look to know about structural analysis

  7. Can confirm dropped my s7 from about 4 feet yesterday when I went to the bathroom and put it above the towel dispenser. Absolutely nothing happened to it. Not even a dent. As for the edge a fiend of mine drop his from way lower and it shattered completely

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