iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S6 – Detailed Speed Test + Benchmarks

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A Detailed speed test and benchmark test between the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6.

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50 Comments on iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S6 – Detailed Speed Test + Benchmarks

  1. Galaxy S6 has a lot more Pixels to push, so its slower. Then again, this is real world and most people don't care about the extra pixels. I switched from HTC One to iPhone 6S plus, both have 1080p displays, and I can not see pixels, no matter how hard I try or how close I hold them to my eyes. I'm sorry but, 4k or 1440p is just plain stupid on a phone. Its a waste of RAM, CPU, GPU, and battery.

  2. The funny thing guys 🙂 I've been iphone lover for ages till Iphone 5s and decided to switch to this lovely Galaxy S6 Edge, and I loved the Galaxy, but still Iphone is smoother in a lot cases, but I like much more Android as OS as its just much less restrictions. Camera was outstanding in S6 Edge, anyway after 7 month of using the phone – recent apps an back buttons completely gone even after master reset, so now I'm sending it back under warranty and catching myself that I'll be back to Iphone despide that I don't like iOS to many different reasons, but Quality – Quality I just can reassure you Iphone quality is the best on the market. Galaxy S6 supposed to be best Android Phone ever built quality wise, but no its not. I've used IPhones for 3-4 years and the only problem I had that was on Ipad – speaker gone, turning back into Apple store and you have new ipad – those things Android would never achieve, sad but that's fact. I love android a lot more then iOS, but Samsung – you need really work on the quality build..

  3. I am an Android user but this video makes me An iPhone user/fan from now on

    AND I AM BUYING AN IPHONE 6S THESE DAYS <33333333 love who uploaded the video

  4. please explain to me how the s6 has a smaller screen in your video than the iphone 6s. in real life (not your video), the s6 has a 5.1 inches screen while iphone 6s has a 4.7 inches screen.

  5. Not tryna be an apple fan boy, never even owned one but the twitter instagram and browser ones were all internet being slow, majority other tests i see have had the iphone beating s6 in browsing

  6. hehehehe
    iphone resolution is full hd and it is 4.7 inches.
    galaxy s6 resolution is QHD and it is 5.1 inches.
    then the higher resolution makes the processor more involved in it.
    so its better that in the next generation of iPhone apple use higher resolution so that it be a fair comparison ?.

    I wish you look. :-)

  7. bs review you are comparing iphone loading only text with s6 loading entire website, multitasking is a joke, why dont you use two apps at the same time instead of reaunchingl. I dont have time for bs unsubbed.

  8. Apple is cheating with the single core value. Their interface and OS is so "simple" and logically there are less resources consumption. It's like a man is carrying in one hand a weight of one kilogram and in the other ten kilos. Which is easier ? Apple is selling little for a lot of money.

  9. The runner up to the 6s is the s6 edge plus. this was not a fair debate and you need to remake this video with the s6 edge plus. I would like to see a fair competition. the galaxy s6 has been around for months and months loger than the 6s. the rest of the comment section is probably blowing up too because of this. for the first time you have failed me Ed

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