iPhone 6S vs 6S Plus Durability Drop Test!

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Here’s my drop test on the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus!

24 Comments on iPhone 6S vs 6S Plus Durability Drop Test!

  1. You know, Techrax makes the most stupid tests ever. Now a scratch/water/drop test makes sense, cause some people's phones could get scratched or fall in water, but a boiling crayon/coke test? A diamond blade? These are morbid, useless tests because who does this shit with their phones anyway?

  2. Welcome to the TechRax Comment Section. Here is what you will find:
    1. How much mo st does this guy have?
    2. Children in Africa could've eaten those iPhones.
    3. Instead can you give it to me?
    4. Why do that to a perfectly good phone?

  3. I'm getting an iPhone 6 plus next month when my contract is up and your video has not made me change my mind but it did make me think and realise how delicate these phones actually are so thanks mate!

  4. You could've donated that money to a 9/11 relief group for the list ones families, you my dad and my uncle both died on that day, at least they died doing what the loved the most…. FLYING PLANES


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