iPhone 6s video review

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The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus introduce 3D Touch, Live Photos, 4K video, and more! Here’s our video review!

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28 Comments on iPhone 6s video review

  1. 0:42 is exactly what I thought when 3D Touch was announced. What's the point in 3-D Tatsch and shortcuts if you have to push harder to ask is the menu and then waste time trying to read the menu to figure out what you want.

    Wouldn't it be easier to just tap on the camera icon and then tap on the camera icon in the app to switch to the front facing camera and then snap a photo then spending time trying to read through the 3-D touch menu to find out where the menu for take a selfie is? I mean most of the people that would need that shortcut for a selfie for example can probably open the camera app and take a selfie faster than with 3-D touch anyway because of muscle memory.

    Now yes people are also going to learn muscle memory with 3-D touch but we've been living without it for eight years.

  2. Good review, great at making money for Apple. And Ios now actually looks like a smartphone os, still. I will never pay Apple a dime and well, iphone is not the best you can buy;). Just copying from others and bring them all together does not mean is great;), is more like: We invent (copy) for you! Who infact never used other smartphones to even comprehend what am i saying. Anyway, ta ta!!

  3. The joke of this video was saying that they went to 7,000 series aluminum "to support 3D Touch". It was solely because of "bendgate". Let's not go too far with this fairytale review…

  4. Let's be clear here. If I'm going to recommend a smart phone to a first time buyer, I'm going to say they should go with a BlackBerry 10 phone, they are easily more user friendly than iPhones at this point. They were not before, but now they are.

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