iPhone 6S Unboxing – Rose Gold: Giveaway and Review

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Apple’s iPhone 6S Unboxing and iPhone Setup Review! The New iPhone in Rose Gold and Gold with 3D touch, Live Photos and 4K are great, but what is it boxed with?

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Quick Specs (Rose Gold Model Unboxed)

CPU: A9 with M9 motion co-processor
RAM: 2GB, up from 1GB
Storage: 16GB – 128GB flash
Software: iOS 9.0 or 9.0.1

Retweet for the 6S: http://btinfo.co/iphone6sgiveaway

Welcome to my detailed Unboxing and Review of the brand new iPhone 6S, Apple’s latest smartphone. The device can now accurately determine the level of pressure behind touches with 3D Touch tech.

LATEST 6S Lightning Dock Unboxing – Rose Gold, Pre iPhone 6S: https://youtu.be/slBcHjCfcnc

Stay tuned for additional details surrounding the New iPhone 6S Plus devices and thanks for watching!

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  1. I really want one I never get to get anything for my birthday I don't live with my mom I live with my dad and my big sister an smallest brother she gets everything sometimes I think my dad doesn't love me cause she has a iPhone 6 an I don't have a phone I just turned 15

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