iPhone 6s Speed Test (Home Office in San Francisco): AT&T vs Sprint vs T-Mobile vs Verizon

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Here’s another indoor wireless test of the iPhone 6s Plus on AT&T and the iPhone 6s on Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile. Verizon is the fastest of the four. T-Mobile and Sprint are very slow in this speed test. LTE speeds aren’t too critical for most people at home since they’re most likely to be connected to Wi-Fi, but slow LTE speeds cause issues for some if they don’t have a home ISP. Call quality and reliability are the most important factors at home.

22 Comments on iPhone 6s Speed Test (Home Office in San Francisco): AT&T vs Sprint vs T-Mobile vs Verizon

  1. I live in SF as well, have iPhone 6S+ as well as Samsung Galaxy S6, so I often test the LTE and HSPA+ networks of T-Mobile. I see a lot of differences but mostly, HSPA+ has been on the up and up lately. I can honestly say that T-Mobile blew all the others away on LTE in some neighborhoods, I live in Mission so its a bit iffy inside for speed, but I walk outside and I generally get 20-50mbps.

  2. Luckily T-Mobile recently acquired 700Mhz A block(band 12) in San Fransisco and are in the process of rolling it out currently. So by year end your coverage should be leaps and bounds better indoors and out. Nice round of testing.

  3. if you're in a basement, I can tell you right now, without even looking at the tests, that Verizon and AT&T will be the fastest, T-Mobile can go either way, and Sprint will be slow. T-Mobile doesn't even have low frequency spectrum everywhere, and Sprint's isn't optimized pretty much everywhere, while Verizon has the most, and AT&T has the 2nd most, low frequency spectrum. so, no surprises there. DO upload more tests, because Sprint has 2×20 CA out there iirc.

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