iPhone 6S Review: Sexiest Smartphone of 2015?

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The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is Apple’s latest iPhone. It’s the “S” cycle and it looks the same as last years iPhone 6. However, the inside has had some significant upgrades. A more powerful CPU, new camera and a new technology called 3D Touch. Is the iPhone 6S the best smartphone of 2015? Watch for the full review.

Top 10 BEST iPhone 6S Tips and Tricks!

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iPhone 6S: Top 5 Missing Features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTycF9-eqOE

5 Reasons to BUY the iPhone 6S: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuRFe_mZYhk

Should You Buy the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV1JKf5xp48

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38 Comments on iPhone 6S Review: Sexiest Smartphone of 2015?

  1. I have the IPhone 6S (Silver) as my daily driver. Superb performance overall. I've watched a lot of review videos, this one really sums it up perfectly. Clean and clear. Well done Matt !

  2. Very nice review :D…..After the release of the new iPhone SE, I became a little bit confused between the SE and the iPhone 6S, I just don't know which one to buy. So what do you think? Thank you in advance :)

  3. I originally got the iPhone 6s. had it for a few weeks & switched to the iPhone 6s plus. I wanted the OIS & better screen resolution. I don't dislike the plus but it's just hard to manage still. I have medium hands for a female. The phone is just more of a hassle than i would like. One-handed functionality is pretty much non-existent lol. I will be getting the small version of the 7 in Sept! Great video!

  4. iPhone 6s: crap
    iPhone 6: terrible
    iPhone 5s: disappointing
    iPhone 5: bad
    iPhone 4s: great
    iPhone 4: meh
    iPhone 3gs: terrible
    iPhone 2g: crap

    they got better, then worse: apple.

    iPod 6g: best device ever
    iPod 5g: great
    iPod 4g: OK
    iPod 3g: crap
    iPod 2g: crap
    iPod 1g: crap

    after the 4, it was amazing, thanks siri: apple

  5. Nice job? Love my samsung galaxy s6 edge and iphone 6s . It's my first iphone too ? But if i need just use one of tham i use samsung because i love samsung camera ? have do u think is the best phone for the school? i realy what to know dude?

  6. Well 6 months ago the iphone 6 with IGB of ram was the best phone in the world . The best camera bla bla bla iphone best at everything. . The iphone does not need more ram because its not like android it does not need a lens with more megapixels because it's just perfect so all these people who wrote this crap why have apple increased the Ram to 2GB in the s6 s and increased the megapixels on both cameras why is the Med the frame stronger because the iPhone 6 was rubbish it bend like banana it was underpowered with Ram and beaten by Samsung for camera and yet it's the best phone in the world absolute garbage . Apple but the super amoled screen made by Samsung in the apple watch. Well according to all the reviews the samsung colours are exaggerated unblurred on the iPhone is more realistic. The iphone is like looking at black and white tv from the 60ts boring. In fact apple thinks so too and is now in negotiations with Samsung to supply Supper AMOLED screens for the new iphones . Samsung also makes the new A9 chip thats in the Iphone 6 s. The Iphone s6s is the best Iphone to date but my samsung S6 edge plus blows it clean out the water on every front. . The iphone is playing catch up . Its first iphone with the big screen s6 bends like a banana and has the spec of a windows phone in fact it about on par with the windows phone. All that money for the iphone s 6 and it bends like a banana. 6 months ago it was the best phone in the world with 1GB ram and camera specs of alower end phone. So apple is only learning when it comes to big screen phones and the S6 was the first and it bent like a banana and the reviews still said it was great. Apple must be paying you people to write this crap or your totally in love with apple brand and are blinded to the true fact. So when apple starts to fit samsungs super amoled screens on it phones you will say best screens in the world but when Samsung does it its rubbish . Well samsung knows a thing or to about phones. samsung is the biggest manufacturer of phones in the world and Android is 80% of the phone sales market in the world the facts of Life gentleman not lies facts

  7. First let's state the obvious: really great review and video Matt! Congratulations!
    I loved the design of the iPhone 4 and 4S; that glass on glass sandwich and I like the full metal design on the 6/6S. I like the idea of a small, yet powerful smartphone. But I always turned away from buying an iPhone in the last minute.
    Sexy phone? Yeah, definitely. The price tag might not be that sexy, but I can live with that.
    Matt, as a hardcore android user, how do you find the experience of your most used apps from Google on iOS on a regular day to day use?

  8. sub 1920×1080/1200 is completely unacceptable on any phone in 2015. it's sheer cost cutting. if the phone has a competitive gpu, it won't make a performance difference and has zero difference battery wise on an ips panel. the backlight is the sole determiner of battery life relative to an ips screen. brighter backlight, less battery life. higher resolution, no difference.

  9. Great review Matt! I have to say being someone who uses Android and IOS in conjunction as daily drivers I find myself always trying to 3D Touch the Android keyboard. I will be making a video on 3D Touch in the next week or so but although it might not be a game changer now because of it lack of implementation in many apps in the next few years I think it will become like the multitouch screen did and we won't be able to see how we lived without it.

  10. you also said " if you already have an iphone 6 then dont waste your money (buying the 6s)"

    in my opinion if you have already bought an iphone 6 then you have already wasted your money

    awesome vids matt great quality

  11. Great vid man, I think that this phone is defiantly not anything to consider especially with the qualcomm 820 coming out and the xiaomi mi 5 most likely going to be once again a very affordable and feature packed phone. Also whats up with your shirt :D

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