iPhone 6S Review: Power in a Small Package.

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When you’re spending a small fortune on a phone you want to know what you’re buying. This is an in-depth review of the iPhone 6S – Everything you need to know.

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25 Comments on iPhone 6S Review: Power in a Small Package.

  1. Great video man, coming from a G2 myself there's plenty of things that I do miss. To be fair, the iPhone's battery has definitely impressed me, I was expecting to always burn it out by the end of the day but that's just not the case. Fast charging isn't really needed imo, since the iPhone's battery is much smaller than the competing Android flagships (still Apple could have let it charge at 2A…). The lack of a notification LED is a pain I'll admit and I still miss that tap to wake from the G2. But iOS, touch ID and the top notch specs are amazing, the lack of software support from LG is what really killed it for me in the end; I know I have nothing to worry about now :)

  2. It "seems" like. I "think". What Apple is "probably trying to do"….
    NO. This IS ABSOLUTELY extortion. The 16 GB base model IS, I repeat, IS ABSOLUTELY Apple's tactic to get you to pay for the $749.00 model. Guess what the difference in cost is between a 16gb and 64gb. Few dollars?
    By comparison, for arguments sake, let's say you order a hamburger with small fries for $5.99. But if you want medium fries you gotta pay $7.99. Yes. This is how absurd it is. Out of any reason an Apple user warrants being called iSheep, accepting this ridiculous pricing scheme has got to be the undeniable reason why an Apple user could warrant being called iSheep, because if it's Apple, they are allowed to carry out this exploitation.

  3. And this is how you review a phone. I've watches it 50 times. The attention was totally on phone and not on the speaker. That's the best thing about it. Very qualitative. Thanks

  4. This review is absolutely amazing, keep up the good work on your channel! I also live in New Zealand :). Can't wait to see more content in the future.

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