iPhone 6s Review from an Android User after 2 weeks of usage

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iPhone 6s review after 2 weeks of usage the new iPhone 6s has new features like 3D touch improved camera with 4K video recording and the new A9 processor and I share my experience with the pros & cons in this iPhone 6s review.

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29 Comments on iPhone 6s Review from an Android User after 2 weeks of usage

  1. how can we distinguish or know before buying that we're buying that we're buying a Samsung variant chip supported phone or other one variant which you've said is comparatively good ????

  2. hi ranjit, i follow your channel and admire ur work. I have a lill confusion regarding which OS is better. I would be glad if you compare iOS with android and should i wait for iPhone 7 or go for 6s or se ?? pls help.

  3. SIR.
    I want buy iphone 6s gold. but sir as u told about two variance that samsung one and another with a better battery life…so sir as u have purchased with a second variance with a better battery life…so sir i also want to buy dat good battery variance model..sir from where u have purchased i will aslo buy it from dat store hoping ill get my new iphone6s wid dat new better battery variance
    please reply.

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