iPhone 6s Review (after 6 months of use)

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I finally finished the iPhone 6S review I made around late March. So at that time my iPhone was 6 months old. This video is meant to express how I feel using my iPhone 6S. I hope you enjoy it even though its a little dated. =)

Here is a WAAAAAYY better iPhone 6S spec review by MKBHD

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PS: I was not commissioned or paid in way for producing this video.

Production notes:

Gears used
Canon t5i w/ 50mm lens at f:1.8
iPhone 6s (on sample shots)
Zoom H1 with a Sony lav mic
Limostudio lights
iMaschine (for music)

This time i started trying to use my t5i outside so I had to learn proper shots using natural light. I tried using auto-focus with this camera and I realized that it is not a good idea especially if I want my aperture to be really open. That is why you may noticed my focus keeps scanning or fading in and out. To be honest I am not too proud of the production quality but I am happy how it turned out especially the small skits I did….

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  1. Best review I've seen. You're honest about everything and I laughed out loud when you dropped your phone on your face hahaha. Question: don't you honestly think the iPhone screen looks just as good as the note 4 at times? I've had my note 4 for nearly 2 years and it's slowed down so much and has so many problems. Still haven't received update 6.0

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