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Full review of the new iPhone 6S. A fast new beast, now available in “pink”

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44 Comments on iPhone 6S REVIEW (AFTER 1 MONTH)

  1. What game is 2.44? Oh and I am getting the Space Grey.. I hate the black line, edge of the screen around the white phones, can't take my eye off it. Makes the screen look smaller.

  2. I'm like super excited to get this for Christmas but in sliver I was gonna get it on the release date but everybody and they momma seemed to want it so I'm like I'm just going to wait until December to get it ? four days left

  3. I got the regular 6s, and now I kind of regretting it. It seems everyone has the plus. But, if I did get the plus, it would have to be 16GB. my current 6s is 64. PLS HELP WHAT SHOULD I DO

  4. Apart from the features and hardware upgrades the most important thing which i love about them is their size. iPhone 6S reminds me of Galaxy S3 ( still in use 🙁 ) easy to hold and fine grip whereas the iPhone 6S+ reminds me of Note 5 big and not that easy to hold with a single hand but gives best gaming experience.Both are my favourites but 6S+ is what i expect to trend the most.

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