iPhone 6s Review (2016)

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Apple iPhone 6s review and comparison of the iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6 having used the 6s for the past 4 months!

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28 Comments on iPhone 6s Review (2016)

  1. I left an iPhone for an android(note 4). I've had this phone not even for a full year, yet and it's already become laggy and extremely slow. I've noticed android phone's claim to have these high cpu and gpu cored that make the phone better, but apple proves that you don't need all that power to make a good phone.

  2. the iPhone 5s is the bomb I think that is way better than the iPhone 6 even know it's older I rather have the 5s than the 6 but the 6s has way better hardware upgrades the iPhone 6 made the same hardware (barely and upgrades) worse design and more expensive

  3. this is nothign different from other initial reviews when the phone was released. I was expecting performance issues or pros that you faced after two months. If this is just your initial review, then is essentially the same as every other review online. Here's some advice if you make a video 2 months late bring something new to the table.

  4. Nah nah nah nah nah, you need the the ultimate glorious OnePlus or the Nexus 6P, just look up the specs and don't become an IPhone Junkie don't take anyone's word for it look at the proof on the internet for FACTS, Spec comparisons you'll laugh at the IPhone when you see it. Anyway I could ramble on and on about it. I had a IPhone thinking it was good until my mate showed me the wonders on OnePlus and what the True Android operating system is, not fucking Samsungs TouchWiz Operating system that they say is android and shit like that hahaha.
    final thought.
    IPhone = Stone Age
    OnePlus = Future
    Look the info up!

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