iPhone 6S Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Full Comparison

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In this video sakitech will do a full comparison between the iPhone 6S Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We will compare everything including the processor, memory, battery life, build quality, design language, dimensions, weight, and much more.

S7 Edge In-Depth: https://youtu.be/Fxg6ryecR8E

iPhone 6S Plus In-Depth: https://youtu.be/sTqSgj6N8UY

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30 Comments on iPhone 6S Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Full Comparison

  1. iphone fan boys saying the iphone 7 will kick SG s7 edge ass please wait tell next march 2017 where the new galaxy will kick ass it goes on like that but still i prefer samsung over apple

  2. im an android fan but lately been thinking about switching to ios mainly cuz of lag and battery life the edges on the s7make just watching any video amazing the water resistent is amazing but theres cases for that i just have no intentention on signing a contract or paying 600 for a phone

  3. So of the specs on both phones or incorrect, the A9 chip is clocked at 1.85GHz per core I'm not 100% sure about the S7 Edge as that's not really my concern as I'm an iPhone guy.

  4. I like the S7 Edge, it looks so dope, the screen looks gorgeous, It's smaller and lighter with the same size display as the iPhone 6 Plus, It's got more customization to it, better notification center and better camera and waterproof, SD card slot, and it's got chat heads, which are great for texting because you don't have to exit out of the app you're in just to text someone. But on the other hand, I prefer iOS over Android, I love the iOS to mac integration, airdrop, Apple music, iMessage (all my friends have iPhones, so iMessage is great) I love how apps look a lot more premium and just look more refined and looks better on iOS, you get updates on a regular basis rather than waiting several months for the newest update. I got Siri, which I use often to find which song is playing. Also if I wanna customize iOS I can jailbreak my iPhone and do much more, only downside is I have to wait for a jailbreak for the newest update. With Android you can root and at least Google doesn't discourage it like Apple discourages jailbreaking. I really can't decide if I should stick with my iPhone over the S7 Edge. I might stay with the iPhone but not sure. I may wait for the iPhone 7 or 7S but if it's a weak ass release like the SE was I'll probably switch to Samsung.

  5. iOS and battery are better for Apple against Samsung, always. But camera went a bit better this time for S7. Gonna buy one of them but still not sure which one. Help me. Also I have iPad 2 for 5 years and I still use it. It is bit slower now of course but still rocks. But my S4 is a bit sucking now and idk why. That is why I am not sure.

  6. can i receive normal pics and videos sent from an iphone to an android 7 n vise versa. Ive noticed pic n videos look like crap when sent from one to the other

  7. I like the iphone 6s but its too heavy and whenever im buying iphone again im never gonna upgrade it to the latest ios version again because they gradually cause lagginess so you will buy new iphone. Samsung s7 has a better camera than 6s far better in real camera performance and my sis samsung easily connects to wifi than my iphones and ipad. Here in the philippines samsung has fast & better wifi connection than iphones. And i love the cruved edge design.

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