iPhone 6S Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Comparison!

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Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are two of the best smartphones you can buy. In this comparison, they go head-to-head and battle it out. Which one is your favourite? The 6s Plus or the S7 Edge? Video and pictures samples included.

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40 Comments on iPhone 6S Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Comparison!

  1. Been thinking about dropping Android I use a Sony Z5 right now, and I think I might go to Apple but when the iPhone 7s comes out with new design. Android is soon slow at updating and it sucks. plus that FaceTime feature is stellar, I can't believe it's taken google so long to come out with a FaceTime like app, apparently it's called Duo. Just getting sick of Android basically, although I must say that this all glass sony z5 in all white is definitely one of the nicest looking phones i've used, I get compliments all the time and people asking what kind it is

  2. I am planning to buy a samsung galaxy s7 edge.However,from the reviews I have been reading,it shows that s7 edge is full of bugs and problems.For example many experienced the screens went black only after a few days they bought the phones.So which phone should i chose?apple or samsung.Thanks in advance

  3. I adore samsung and hate apple really because of my experience with both i love samsung and also the s7 edge takes the edge in every thing except those two minor things that i really don't care about them and by the way the multi tasking and the single core usages is better on the s7 edge . That is my opinion of course and thanks for this nice comparison . 

  4. Hardly anyone has ever mentioned issues like how the Samsung camera gives a pathetic yellow tint in all sorts of indoor shots, how the flash is absolutely useless on it. I have the S6 and It darkens the skin tone by several shades, gives a shiny reflection off faces as if they were smeared in oil, how the over-sharpening just takes away the purpose out of selfie shots making them look doctored. Aperture sizes, sensor specs etc hardly matter to the average Joe. They need to be told about how the camera performs, how to extract the best out of it and what are the situations in which it will falter and how.

  5. Ok so I have both of these phones so I've broken down a few of my findings.
    Camera: S7 way better in low light
    Camera Flash: 6S+ is better S7 tends to wash out shots because it only has 1 led
    Battery Life: iPhone
    Charging said battery: S7 much faster with way more options to charge the phone
    Display: S7
    Wireless Signal: Tie, both solid have not had any issues making/ receiving calls
    Storage: I would say S7 BUT you cannot use SD cards as part of the internal memory, hope Samsung fixes this soon. For now iPhone has this down
    Software: Would love if Samsung didn't use TouchWiz, destroys a beatiful OS
    Updates + After Purchase Support: iPhone, toke until March 18th for my old S6 to get Marshmellow. if you want timely updates buy a Nexus.

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