iPhone 6S Plus VS Samsung Galaxy A8 – Speed & Camera Test!

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Performance and Camera comparison of iPhone 6S+ and Galaxy A8!

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17 Comments on iPhone 6S Plus VS Samsung Galaxy A8 – Speed & Camera Test!

  1. i think that the part where the a8 has a SIM card installed and a few videos makes the comparison a little unfair. i know that some people are angry that he compared a mid-range to a flagship. i personally use the a8 and i am happy. Good to know that at least it could hold it's own place even with all those disadvantages against the iphone 6s. winning against one of the best flagships is too much to ask for from a mid-rang. Anyways decent video. Next time just keep the SIM card and video issue in mind.

  2. Do some fair comparisons dude. A mid-range has little to no match against a flagship. The A8 would have been a much better match against the oneplus two or the zenfone 2

  3. If you have a sim card on a phone then it will dramatically reduce performance… Also you have some videos in memory so how is this performance comparison worth it??? You have to have a factory reset phone and then compare both of them together in different speed tests in Phonebuff style… I think this comparison wasted my time… Sorry TT this was a one sided comparison

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