iPhone 6S Plus vs. Nexus 6P vs. Lumia 950 XL Speed Test

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A #phonebuffstyle speed test between Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus, Google’s Nexus 6P, and Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL to see which smartphone and which tech giant offers the best overall performance.

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43 Comments on iPhone 6S Plus vs. Nexus 6P vs. Lumia 950 XL Speed Test

  1. karşılaştırma doğru olmamış. 950 xl kamera kısmında gereksizce bekleme yapmışsınız. ve iphone'nin birinci gelmesi normal. çünkü uygulamaları kapatmıyor ki, arka planda devam ediyor. o yüzden ikinci açmada daha hızlı oluyor.

  2. Ese test es muy desbalanceado, hay que considerar que las aplicaciones usadas en iPhone están mas optimizadas que en las de Android como por ejemplo los servicios de google no están optimizados en iPhone, lo mismo que en las de microsof. Un test real de velocidad sería entre las aplicaciones stock de cada sistema operativo, ya que son propias del sistema de cada unoy obviamente están pulidas.

  3. This Speed Test is made for the iPhone because of its ridiculously fast storage (check out AnandTech, it uses the NVMe protocol). The 6S is just a total beast when it comes to overall (CPU, GPU, Storage combined on top of its lower res display) performance. Even though I dislike iOS you just can't deny how ridiculously fast these phones are.

  4. Yes, the iPhone was a matter of seconds faster than the Nexus… But remember that the Nexus 6P is packing a larger, QHD AMOLED display? Versus the smaller, lower resolution and inferior IPS LCD within the iPhone. At least one can enjoy that gorgeous screen while they're waiting that little bit extra. Additionally, considering that an unlocked 64GB Nexus 6P goes for £499 in the UK ($722) versus the eye-watering price for the 64GB iPhone 6S Plus of £699 ($1011), any slight speed advantage can really only be considered null and void.



  5. i wonder what would happen if the settings were dicked with on the nexus 6p if it would run better. thats why i like android you can do things like overclock and battery optimization. prob would have done better if it wasnt on "out of the box" settings.

  6. I can understand the low speed of the Lumia because the system it's relatively new, but Android it supposed to be a much more mature system and it should be working as good as the iPhone. I'm not attached to death to any system, I could even try a new system developed by blackberry or any other brand (I'm open minded) but certainly one time I tried android and in the near future i won't return to it. It seems to me they don't have the right management of resources of the phone and at the other side Apple have excessive control over their devices, but I still prefer iOS. Anyway everyone has the right to choose and believe what's best for him. Don't be too obsessed in the smartphone war there are more important things out there. They're just phones.

  7. Actually this has nothing to do with the optimization or the of the CPU or the Display Resoultion which is absolutly bullshit.
    The answer is much simpler: It is just storage speed. Nothing more.
    The iphone 6S (Plus) has an extremly fast conected PCIe-like integrated Storage with read speeds of almost 450MB/s which outclasses every other mobile device. This helps a lot witch loading Big Apps like Asphalt which exceeds multiple GBs. It´s like comparing a tradiotional HDD to an SSD on a PC.
    The Nexus 6P on the other hand has an outadated eMMC Solution with read Speeds up to 100MB/s. Additionally the storage on the Nexus 6P is encrypeted by default. This helps with device security but lowers the storage performance. You can deactivate the device encryption which helps a bit with storage performance.
    Windows 10 Mobile is just a big steaming pile of shit and bugged to hell. Expect low performance and extreme Battery drainage everywhere. The Lumia 950XL is a great device but not so teh operating system.

  8. Wow 2000+ comments just people fighting bout phones ?, i am fortunate enough to have both and can say that ios and droid are good platform but in a dfifferent area of strength. IoS is a more stable and consistent environment where apps are being optimized to the max and therefore speed, multitasking, app experience is better. But nothing beats custumization of android (looks, third party app compatibility, how you want the phone to function for you). Theres no absolute winner in the way these systems are being set up

  9. My lumia kept 5/6 games open it the background. It's about devices max multitasking number not about ram. Lumia have like 5 and it has nothing to do with heavy apps or games or something it allways keeps 5 apps running.

  10. I'm not going to lie, the iPhone 6s+ Is definitely the fastest smart phone on the market now compared to Android and Windows flagships. HOWEVER, that still doesn't mean I'm going to pay $1379aud for a 64gb iPhone 6s+ When I can pay $630aud for a 32gb Nexus 6P.

    iPhones may be the fastest, but they are extremely over-priced and those few seconds can't justify to me personally spending more then DOUBLE on a phone that will be obsolete in 3 years time.

  11. Even after 3 month,i just live it here: iTunes on Windows is not usable and i don't wanna buy an expensive sheet of metal only for good iTunes. Deal with it Apple fanboys.

  12. the app choices are pretty shitty imo!! temple run and angry brids are far from an optimized game and if you just look at the the good and popular apps like chrome or app or gallery you can see that nexus blazes thru them like a pie!!! just chose the right apps for a cross platform tests!!

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