iPhone 6S Plus vs. Galaxy Note 5 Speed Test

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Speed test between Apple iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Performed PhoneBuffStyle. Which of these top-of-the-line smartphones is the fastest?

For behind the scenes, follow me here:


32 Comments on iPhone 6S Plus vs. Galaxy Note 5 Speed Test

  1. You realize on the note 5 or any Android phone that If you loaded your open apps from the recent app list rather than tapping of the home screen icon it will load from memory rather than loading it from scratch right?

  2. honestly, this is coming from an android fanboy with a note 5 and I can accept the fact that the iPhone is better in speed. Crappy touchwiz can't keep up with iphones speedy processer

  3. Wow, all these speed tests are flawed. The Android devices are connected to a cell network while the iOS devices have no SIM, basically operating on wi-fi only without any of the iphone processors getting sucked up communicating with the closest cell tower. How about placing both devices in Airplane Mode, THEN connect them to the same wi-fi network…

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