iPhone 6S Plus vs Galaxy Note 5 -SPEED TEST!! [Do Watch]

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Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus- Speed Test! https://youtu.be/ilzplc8WuIE
iPhones are known for speedy interface, can the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 catch up with that? You will be surprised! The new Apple iPhone 6S Plus is the best offering from the company with improved hardware and it’s just buttery smooth. On the other hand, Samsung has finally turned around their flagship lineup with gorgeous metal design and incredibly responsive interface. The purpose of this video is to find out the real capabilities of these two hottest smartphones in terms of speed and usability in day to day.

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27 Comments on iPhone 6S Plus vs Galaxy Note 5 -SPEED TEST!! [Do Watch]

  1. Sorry to be a killjoy but this video is IRRELEVANT. the Samsung will always be slower due to its animation scale so it will seem to load slower, so If like me u like the note 5 enable developer options and turn off animations for a faster load time. ?

  2. Actually, after a long time use I think the iPhone would still run smoothly…  devices tend to maintain performance over a long period of time. Android phones and tablets slow down after a long time, and also get obsolete fast.

  3. we can agree that those two phones are amazing, and iPhone is bit better here Samsung bit there and at the end customer should decide on his personal preferences which phone to buy!

  4. Been a iphone user since 3G/s to 5 but now ill buy iphone6s/plus just to give it to my Mom and Dad haha

    Now im a SamsungNote5 user and its a true God of multitasking! PERIOD! and never go back to Iphone boring shit

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