iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing + Mini Review!

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iPhone 6s Plus unboxing + mini review! (rose gold). I will do an updated what’s on my iPhone 6s plus soon!!!

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49 Comments on iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing + Mini Review!

  1. She is so cheap she can't even make a giveaway not in a bad way she doesn't even say thank you for 1,000,000 subscribers not to make her feel bad but at least make us happy by saying thank you I told so many of my friends about ur channel and they said the didn't like it because and now I'm not friends with them anymore honestly if I didn't care I wouldn't be writing such a long not to u guys

  2. Uuuuuurgh! Anyone else trying so hard to save up but your broke af so you just watch videos to get you excited for something your never going to get… Just dream Kayla, just dream.

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