iPhone 6S Plus Unboxing & First Impression (Space Gray) NEW!!

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Hey folks, got the NEW iPhone 6S Plus 64 GIG space grey, here is an unboxing of this product for you. Replaced my iPhone 5 so it was a big difference for me. Stay tuned for product review, comparison to iPhone 5, speed test, and video test!
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27 Comments on iPhone 6S Plus Unboxing & First Impression (Space Gray) NEW!!

  1. My upgrade is coming up in a few months. Like in June or July. Should I get the 6s, or wait for the 7 to come out? Any thoughts or opinions or what I should do? I was thinking to wait to see what the iPhone 7 is able to do and what it looks like, and if I'm not happy with that then just get the 6s.

  2. Ugh I'm going to get my iphone 6s soon, and I really don't know what colour. I'm stuck between the Rose Gold and the Space Grey. I like the colour of the rose gold, but I like that the front is black for the space grey. Someone help?

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