iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing and Camera Review | Whitney

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The new iPhones are out and Whitney is excited to open her dad’s new iPhone 6s Plus! This is great news for Whitney because it means she gets her first phone, in the form of a hand-me-down from her big brother. Here Whitney opens Apple’s fancy packaging to reveal the splendor of their latest technology. Then we see how the camera works in the somewhat low lighting of her gymnastics gym. The slow motion feature at 240 frames per second is pretty cool.

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40 Comments on iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing and Camera Review | Whitney

  1. I have the iPhone 6 space gray…not bragging just sayin…and i am from Croatia and i got 16 gb,beacuse i couldn't get from t-com 32 gb or 64 gb? but to me 16 gb is enough

  2. U kids are so lucky that have iPhones 6 and those kind of phones when I'm I only get a iPod and when I was 9 I had a flip phone right know I'm 12 and I am barely got a iPod ?

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