iPhone 6s Plus Review: iPhone Challenge Complete!

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I have completed the iPhone 6s Plus 2 week challenge and am ending it with a full review of the device!
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28 Comments on iPhone 6s Plus Review: iPhone Challenge Complete!

  1. iMessage is the same as an Internet messaging which Android can have through things like Skype and other apps like it plus in my opinion I prefer SMS anyways because I would rather use my mobile data on things I want. With text predictions I like SwiftKey the best so far.

  2. I use both of these phones for work on a daily basis (Note 5 and 6S Plus), I give the edge to the iPhone but both great phones. Note 5 has a better screen, camera and sound, iPhone has better voice integration (Siri vs Google), much better fingerprint sensor and toverall, IOS feels more snappy and optimized to the hardware.

  3. You just saved me SO much time and money! I'll stick to the MacBook and Apple TV maybe even get a iPod or iPad but not a phone as to which I am dependent upon. New sub, thanks!!!

  4. Great review and great seeing it from an android user. Actually decided to pick up an iPhone 6s plus and I actually rather like it. As a hardcore android user i do still miss android though like customisation but apple did a brilliant job this year

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