iPhone 6S Plus Review – 6 Months Later!

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The iPhone 6S Plus is now 6 months old. How has it held up since its initial release? What’s changed, what’s new and is still a good buy?

iPhone 6S Plus Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oBTw…

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26 Comments on iPhone 6S Plus Review – 6 Months Later!

  1. I've had my 6s plus for roughly 6 months myself and really enjoy the phone. I've not taken much advantage of 3D Touch either, but there are a few shortcuts I take advantage of. The battery life is great and the hey Siri feature has proved useful to me, as a former android user.

  2. I picked up the iPhone 6s plus silver 64gb coming from a galaxy s4 omg its so much better everything runs faster. I thought it was going to be too big but its actually the perfect size. I love the battery life on it it has really good standby time. Got it on sale at best buy for 299 on 2 year upgrade on verizon.

  3. Just switched from a 6 plus to the 6S plus and I have zero regrets. I personally think that this phone is so much better with 3d touch. The little things like app switching via 3d touch or being able to peek n pop on Facebook or messenger, or notes.. And now (via ios 9.3 beta) being able to go directly to wifi and battery via the settings app shortcut to switch networks or turn on low power mode. For me 3d touch just made things a lot more easier and simple. IMHO It's also much more snappy than my 6 plus.

  4. Just got mine today I upgraded from the 5s. Wow so many improvements from the 5s. My battery life left much to be desired especially after 6 months of use on 5s. I'm excited to hear that has been much improved from the sound of it. The phone is fast especially compared to the 5s. You can tell that they have started digging into the 64 bit technology and improving the processing power each gen. So far I'm thrilled. I do however got to get used to carrying a bigger phone after being with a 5s for last two years. Great video.! :). Thanks

  5. Very good review i agree with all you said… And no fanboy opinion on your video, because much reviews made by tech guys arent impartial … And usually talk very well about apple and bad about android or good about android and bad about apple and thats not correct… Thumbs up and you ve got my like on your chanel mate

  6. I have a iPhone 6s Plus and holy cow!! It's a lot faster then my iPad 2 at opening apps and my old Galaxy s4 I love my iPhone6s plus because it's really quick at getting you in to apps and the Touch ID is awesome. And battery life lasts a lot longer.

  7. good video. I had the 6+ after years of android, and really enjoyed the battery life and some of the services apple offers. I gave that to my wife and bought the note 5. I miss the iPhone experience and battery life for sure. However the note 5 is no slouch. If I was offered the 6s plus and the note 5 for free I'd chose the iPhone. But because of price, the note has way better value.

  8. As the sides are slippery I usually place my little finger under the phone so that it does not fall down. What bothers me is the weight. As after using the phone for few minutes it starts to hurt. ?

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