iPhone 6S Plus Review!

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Ultimate iPhone 6S Plus Review! Worth Buying iPhone 6S Plus vs iPhone 6S? Why? What’s Good? What Sucks? Camera, Usability, Features & More!

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  1. I love how everyone say the 6s+ is so large. But after owning a nexus6 and note 4 this iPhone feels like what I've always wanted an iPhone to be like. I use it with one hand just fine. I guess for everyone coming from the 5s should go with the 6. Honestly I felt like they tricked me at the store cause the phone seems so small compared to what I was seeing in videos. But it's the 6s+. Just have bigger hands than I realized.

  2. Hello, i love that iphone, my mom can't buy it for me, because she dont have enough of me, and thats why i do not have an iphone device. please give me an iphone 6s plus for free. thanks a lot

  3. ‘Harder To Hold,’ and ‘Not All Apps Optimized For 1080p Display’ are redundant to be a negative. It’s definetely easy to hold lol. I used to have 6 Plus, and as a girl, I could hold it flawlessly without even the slightest sign of issue. For ‘Not All Apps Optimized For 1080p Display’. Well, it’s not the iPhone’s fault, it’s the app’s fault. The two are redundant and are not supposed to be in the negatives. Also, you’re cute.

  4. if you are coming from a tablet, I am! you are getting the 6s plus! not kidding. notice i didn't say should. get. if you text on it, play games on it, face time, video call, you are used to a larger keyboard. my moms phone is 5 inches and i keep messing upon words when i type

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