iPhone 6S Plus “Real Review”

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iPhone 6S Plus “Real Review”
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41 Comments on iPhone 6S Plus “Real Review”

  1. I've had Galaxy's for the past couple years but I'm bout to switch to an iPhone 6s plus. kind of worried bout the lack of a back button cuz everytime I use an iPhone I try to press the back button from habit ?

  2. I currently have andriod, Lg g4 to be exact and i love it, but now i am wanting to try the iPhone since my upgrade is next month honestly the thought of switching is killing me but i love change so it may not be to bad, but what i was wondering was the gb on the iPhone's i know for sure i would get a 16 gb Android an use my sd card as internal memory but will i survive getting a 16gb iphone or should i suck it up and spend the extra $100 for 64gb which it a bit too large for me

  3. Brilliant, no-holds barred review! Found your insights very useful before I upgraded from a Galaxy S2 to the iPhone 6S Plus. (I'm old school and like to use my phones for at least 5 years ? )

  4. I currently have a Nexus 6p after having Android since the First Samsung galaxy, I think I want to change to iPhone. I always use nova & flat icon packs so it pretty much looks like iOS, I don't use widgets never use multi tasking. Would I regret changing?

  5. Anyone know how to record and insta video either the music playing in the background on the phone every time I try to record video music stops in the background

  6. I still have a lg g3 I want to grab the 6s plus this Saturday should I grab it or wait for the 7. also I'm a Android fanboy but just want to go Apple for a change from droid for about 2 years.

  7. Why can't they just make this more like the iPad Pro? Give it multitasking, awesome speakers, and a great processor. I would love to just get an iPhone but they just don't have many features compared to the Note. I LOVE the Note but the battery is HORRID and annoys the shit out of me having to carry battery chargers all the time.

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