iPhone 6s Plus Performance Issues: Dropping Frames

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*Everyone: try Settings, General, Accessibility, Increase Contrast, select Reduce Transparency and see if that helps!* UPDATE: It seems 9.2 will remedy this for the most part! My 6s & 6s Plus Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7YAYNAoIQo
Thanks Chris https://www.youtube.com/user/lockergnome for calling this to my attention! I did notice this immediately upon getting my 6s Plus but I quickly became desensitized to it and totally forgot.
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  1. If you wanted to, you could've slowed down your 60 FPS video from the camcorder to half, so it is 30 FPS, and the phone with 60 FPS animations would still look smooth and the 30 FPS animations would be jerky.

  2. Hi @Erica Griffin I am having some tech issues with my iPhone 6 S plus. I've been dealing with apple care and they have replaced my phone 5x already and still having issues. They are not able to locate the problem or resolve it. I was wondering if I could pick your brain and maybe others to see if anyone has answers. Thank you

  3. i like you very very, u are the only one to showed the fps the difference from normal iphone and plus. i like it, its important to schow this. Thank you ver much for this. Its a new information for me. Now i like the normal 4,7" more than the plus. i hope u showed this on the coming iphones. 🙂 Oo update 9.1 has no difference? okay. i am curious the iphone 7 and 7 plus test in few months.

  4. I found a solution for the problem.
    Just set the zoomed option on the display settings.
    This seems to set the resolution of the Plus Version from the iPhone, to the resolution of the normal iPhone 6(S).
    It also should bring more performance on the normal iPhone 6(S).

  5. Drop in resolution and frame rate
    (60 – 30 fps) when accessing the Notification Drop Down feature and 3D Quick Access is primarily to keep battery life extended. The Dual Core A9 chipset is only going to utilize both cores to reach 60fps or above when necessary; such as using Maps, streaming a video, playing games, or opening background tasks. Most conventional users notice this and are actually happier with this added "lag" to save them reactionary time; for example, opening the correct application the first time ( 0.583 Seconds faster on average ) and not second guessing where to start next, due to being visually over stimulated by higher frame rates.

    Just a thought. Who knows.

  6. This has always been the case with Apple products for few years. When iPad Air came out with A7 chipset, it had more stutters and dropped more frames than iphone 5c with A6 chip on the same OS. Its just that Apple is pretty amateur in optimizing OS for very high resolution devices, and it really sucks. My powerful ipad air 2 with A8X chip stutters quite often on iOS 9.3, which is a bit better than ios 9.2.1 official release. This is the reason why I'm switching back to Android and windows. IOS now has very little advantage over android because now it is not any smoother than Android when you compare it to devices like Nexus 6P. Even galaxy S6 and S7 are extremely smooth with new touchwiz and marshmallow update. Windows is incredibly smooth too now. I would have liked apple products more if i switched to it when steve jobs was the leader, but with tim cook, they don't care about the small details like silky smooth flawless UI.

  7. Yeh really this happen usually on my iPhone 6 Plus, but the point I fell different was in Siri. My iPhone 6 works at 60fps when I am talk and giving answer, but the iPhone 6 Plus… I got a really bad experience. Apple really needs to work on those thing.

  8. İ have this peoblem om my İphone 6s with ios 9.2.1 . And i was at Apple store but they say this is a software problem . İt is really a software problem ? The phome is so slow what can i do

  9. This is one of the reason why I didn't get the Plus model. Apple's software is really in their infancy when it comes to making bigger phones with more pixel

  10. Yeah it worked on my iPhone 6s Plus.I was just playing with the settings just to make the animations better and on par with the regular 6s.When I turned on reduce transparency,it was smooth as the 6s.Thanks for at least acknowledging this in a video.

  11. +Erica Griffin Does iOS 9.2 make a difference? Please respond, I was sold on the 6S Plus until I came across your video. You state that it seems to remedy it, but have you actually tested it?

  12. since both 6s and 6s plus have the exact same hardware specs, the 6 plus and 6s plus will be a few nano-seconds less than the normal 6 and 6s, because the plus has a much bigger display and highest pixel density than the 6/ 6s, you'll see a frame drop because it has to push much more pixels and adding on a larger display.

  13. Heads up guys, they've done something about this in iOS 9.2. Animations are much smoother.

    Before updating, animations were so much more jerky and staggered compared to the 6S. It was very noticeable and pretty poor tbh.

  14. TLDR:
    Almost 3x more pixels than smaller model (2208*1204 vs 1334*750), then actively downscales (at 60fps) to physical resolution of 1920*1080. Lower res physical screen saves power as less pixels need a dimmer backlight. This combination of super high rendering resolution and downscaling is taxing on performance.

  15. Now the iOS 9.2 is out and it has made huge improvement on almost all devices, can you test the 6s and 6s plus to see if there are still the frame drop issue running iOS 9.2? Thanks a lot!

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