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Learn more about the iPhone 6S Plus! See Pocketnow’s full review here: http://pocketnow.com/2015/10/06/iphone-6s-plus-review (full description below)

It’s still the opening months of 2016 and we’ve got quite a long wait until the iPhone 7 drops. So with Apple poised to sell its billionth iPhone sometime this year, let’s take another look at 2015’s supersized iPhone to see if it’s still worth its luxury price tag. Join Michael Fisher for Pocketnow’s re-review of the iPhone 6S Plus on After The Buzz!


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  1. My son recommended I replace my old windows laptop with a Mac book Air. I replaced my Q10 with a iPhone 6S Plus 128G.ALL my mail, music avaliable as well as time of next bus or train through transit on Google maps. Worth the investment. Never got all that interconnectivity with BlackBerry or Samsung.

  2. Should I upgrade my Samsung Note 3 to Iphone 6s Plus? I really miss having an Iphone (Had the 4s previously) but I like being able to remove the battery / microsd card on the Samsung….I'm more than comfortable with either IOS or android system – what do you guys think?

  3. Not buying the 6S Plus because of its inflated price.
    Decided to go with the GS7 edge, more bang for your buck for sure.
    Both devices are solid but the price you have to pay for Apple products is pretty sad.

  4. I've been back and forth between android and iPhone over the years. I always come back to Iphone. I just can't deny that apple products always run smoother and flawlessly. Androids I've had were always laggy and froze up a lot. Always have a issue with them. The iPhone is simple and it just works. Complain about the same looking apps and such but some things are just left alone. It works and is popular for a reason…don't mess it up

  5. That blacking out happened to me on my iPhone 6 so many times meaning i had to soft reset it. I actually found my iPhone 6 a lot buggy compared to my current phone an LG G4.

  6. How the hell can anybody love such a big and heavy phone? Look at those HUGE bezels. For phablets one need to look to Samsung for beautiful phones. The S7 edge has the same screen size and a much bigger battery, but is still a lot smaller and lighter. Get your shit together apple!

  7. Now that the new iphone will have no headphonejack I'm thinking of getting this one when my contract will be over. It's gonna be cheaper and I just want a fast phone with good battery life and large storage.

  8. I agree, it's way too expensive. An unlocked 6s Plus 64GB costs 1,033 USD here in Mexico. Carrier subsidies are a thing, but still way too expensive. I'm thinking about getting an LG v10 instead.

  9. galaxy note 5 is still the best phone even though I don't like to compare because all iphones have always used low specs and samsung always upgrades so yeah comparing isn't fair to the iphone.

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