iPhone 6s Plus – 2 Month Review!

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An iPhone 6s Plus review after two months of using it. Instead of boring video listing it’s technical specifications and things that have been said 100 times before, I look at my five favourite features of the phone plus look at some improvements that could be made for the iPhone 7.

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30 Comments on iPhone 6s Plus – 2 Month Review!

  1. Great review without the boring repetitiveness of others. It's been 7 months since the phone was released and I was wondering if you're still happy with the phone?

  2. I really enjoy my iPhone 6s plus just upgraded from a galaxy s4 and its a big step up from my old phone. I got it in silver 64gb and I do find myself using it more than my iPad air 2 lol. I also find myself using it without a case since its already big and I never drop my phones.

  3. thank god someone is making different kind of reviews. i was sick of so many other reviews where they talk exactly about same things.. e.g. still 16gb , OMG so fast finger print scanner, bla bla. your review is differnt. LIKE

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