iPhone 6s: How Fast?

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iPhone 6s Speed Test vs Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 and more!
iPhone 6s vs 1st Gen iPhone! http://youtu.be/OkC4tFkv_Yk
With the new Apple iPhone 6s claimed to be up to 90% faster I wanted to put it to the test against the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, iPhone 6, 2015 Moto X 3rd Gen and OnePlus Two in several benchmarks including Geekbench and 3DMark.

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26 Comments on iPhone 6s: How Fast?

  1. Benchmarks?????? One of the WORST wats to test phones as far as I'm concerned. We want real world tests not simulations which tell us practically nothing about how MUCH slower/faster one phones is to another in actual usage tests.

  2. I'm glad he did this video. Android "fanboys" are always declaring that their phone is objectively superior & all those tech reviewers who have been saying the iPhone is one of the best phones, if not the best, are just in Apple's pocket. I feel like a lot of them are just contrarians who hate on whatever is popular. The iPhone is literally the most successful commercial product of all-time. Brand alone does not accomplish that.

  3. This is why I will always love iPhone. iOS and hardware complete in sync. Unlike android phones that always brags their quad core or octa core cpus but after some time the phone lags as hell.

  4. The funny thing is if the iPhone has the exact same specification numbers as Android flagship phones today, with quad-core 2+ GHz processor and 4GB of RAM, it will most likely obliterate even next year's haven't-yet-released most powerful Android flagship. And people are still saying that the iPhones have crappy internals with only dual-core processor and 2GB of RAM, I personally find those kind of statements incredibly retarded.

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