iPhone 6S FULL Review | A9 4K 3D Touch Worth It?

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The new iPhone 6S is packed with new features, including a new A9 processor, 12 MP 4K camera, 3D touch and Live Photos.

Is it the best iPhone yet? Absolutely. Should rush out and upgrade? Maybe not.

Find out everything you need to know about the new 6S in my definitive review. Does the new hardware make a difference and do you need 3D Touch?

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32 Comments on iPhone 6S FULL Review | A9 4K 3D Touch Worth It?

  1. I'm not sure about the bending in "extreme," cases..I think any phone of a similar size should hold up to being in your trouser pockets, otherwise, what's the point?
    I put it there to keep it "safe," from drops..;O))

    I've carried mine very carefully, never sat down on it, but I do keep it in my pocket while out and about and during my late night cleaning duties at work, which does involve some bending.
    However, what I've noticed, is that, over time, the appearance is slightly "warped/skewed," if that makes sense?

    Therefore, I'm pondering whether to trade my iPhone 6 in for the 6S, but would be horrified to spend all of that money and have the same thing occur again.
    So, maybe, the SE is the way to go, back to a much smaller phone which could cope with being in your pocket, or wait for the new Moto G, head back to Android and get a basic "workhorse," phone that just "does the job?"

  2. I've seen a massive improvement between my iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. My iPhone 6 was slow and that fingerprint sensor didn't work most of the time so I eventually disabled it. I love my iPhone 6s, it's snappy and super fast and not buggy like the iPhone 6. Honestly in the next version of iOS I would love Apple Music to be redesigned to be more simpler to use and to offer new features to be on par with Spotify. I would love for the new iPhone 7 to have wireless charging.

  3. I had the 6 before and I dropped it in the water so now im using the 6s the built quality of the 6s is so much better, basically an improvement of the 6. i wish that apple never released the 6 but just release the 6s once it was ready instead.

  4. Thank you I love my iPhone 6 Plus third party apps are now using 3D Touch such as Facebook every weight my appsare starting to use this technology I love it never got back to android

  5. I was always an android boy but now since I bought the iPhone 6s Plus Rosegold 128 gig I will never got back to Android phones I have the galaxy note 5 and I gave it to my boyfriend he loves it I didn't like it but I love my iPhone I will always use an iPhone forever and ever

  6. Seems like the 6S is a great phone and in many ways much better than the 6. Great video Tom and I'm glad that you've had some great success with your videos. I mean 18K in 3 days is awesome.
    Keep it up man!

  7. I'm glad i left the iphones for a android device! I use the note4 which is fantastic in many ways. The iphones aren't doing anything special with their devices…..not only that they pretty much all look a like i'm meaning their 6 line,shit for the money i want it to at least look more special than the previous models.

  8. I respect Apple although I have never owned one and plan to stick to Android. I think the only criticism Apple should receive is that when you pay over $600 for a phone, you should get the best in that class. It feels like Apple is preying on the fanboys by not focusing on important issues like battery and screen resolution because people buy it anyways just for the brand name. I wish people could overcome this and buy devices that are actually worth this much (S6/edge) perhaps so that Apple would pay heed to what the consumer wants instead of introducing gimmicks like 3D touch. I own a sub $300 Sony phone that has 2400 mAh battery therefore it's a shame that the 6s has 1715

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