iPhone 6S Drop Test

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The iPhone 6S was announced at an apple event earlier this month and it appears that the phone may actually be virtually indestructible.

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The iPhone 6S has had its first drop test and it appears to have survived intact and without any damage.

It is currently unclear whether the iPhone 6S Plus will survive either a bend test or a drop test but I’m sure we will find out soon enough.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the Best, believe me watch this 
    Dubioza Kolektiv LIVE @ Villa Pace, Belgium ( NEW SONG FREE MARKET ) HD

    My first recording and the quality is unbelievable, The Sound is perfect and 13 megapixel HD quality camera. Why buy a IPHONE?

    And I dropped my Note 3, no scratch, nothing

    I saw this Iphone had some damage and he felt it with his finger

    He should complain by Iphone and ask for a new one, what a stupid package

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